Invisible City

The exhibition showcases works investigating the nature of the city, its infrastructure, inhabitants, its past and future: Will the Invisible City crumble or will it escape its gnawing termites? 

The Steamship PS

Invited artists: Abigail Burt, Anna Chiarini, Jonathan Comerford, Jelena Curcic, Lucie Kordacova & Richard Clesham, Gillian McIver, Eva Orupõld, Conor O'Sullivan, Samuel Thomson, Tünde Valiszka, Isabella Vento, Gabriela Zigova, Blue Maignien as Hortense




A room of one's own vol 2

Collaboration between sixtyseven collective and Cherche Encore

peb, Jessika Khazrik, Hortense, Andrej Chudy, Gabriela Zigova, Marion Magrangeas




27.08 - 23.09.18

Ferrara Residency 2018

Invited artists are Joe Campbell, Ruth Angel Edwards, Henry Bradley, Blue Maignien, Emilia Beatriz, Callum Hill. Organised by Angelica Bollettinari, Valeria Bevilacqua, Margherita Elliot, Margherita d'Aloja, Olivia Berkowicz, Lucie Kordacova




South London Gallery bookshop 

Deptford Does Art 

Our publication about Ferrara Residency 2017 is available at the South London Gallery's bookshop and Deptford Does Art gallery




Letting the Days Go By: TUESDAY PROGRAM

Sensory Futures, resina, RAM reading group//

The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm





With: resina (Ferrara), Circolo Kokè (Rome), Radio Banda Larga (Berlin), sixtysevencollective (London), Innovation Leaks (Copenhagen) //

FactoryGrisù, Ferrara, Italy



04/04 - 12/04/2018

Dark But Happy Place // Exhibition

Peter Sulo, Gabriela Zigova // Deptford Does Art Gallery, London



23/03 - 01/04/2018

Not-Writings // Exhibition

Athene Greig, Karolina Mikeskova, Sandi Hudson-Francis, Entschuldigung, Ferrara Residency curated by Angelica Bollettinari and Lucie Kordacova// Deptford Does Art Gallery, London




Ferrara Residency Screening // Screening and performance

Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Athene Greig & Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova, Lucie Kordacova and Aleks Horsfield // Above Deptford Cinema & Deptford Cinema, London




Gentrification & Housing II. // Screening

Adriana Kytkova, Deptford X & Leith Late // Deptford X Fringe, Deptford Cinema, London




Cherche Encore//live-coding performance 

One half of Cherche Encore, Hortense Maignien uses “live-coding” as a way of talking about how struggling with one’s mental health affects the artistic practice //

Galleria del Carbone, Ferrara, Italy



02/09 - 04/10/17

Ferrara Residency 

Henry Bradley, Marianna Feher, Karolina Mikeskova, Bridie Gane, Athene Greig, Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Lucie Kordacova, Tom Savery, Joe Campbell // Galleria del Carbone, Gate/Porta project space, Studio Carmelino, Ferrara, Italy




A Room of One's Own // Performance

Cherche Encore, Jack James // Above the Deptford Cinema & Deptford Cinema, London



20/07 - 21/07/2017

Lavanda: A Useless Growth Prefixed To The Play // Performance

Margherita Elliot and Angelica Bollettinari // Italian Cultural Institute, London



20/06 - 27/08/2017

Creative Community Forum // Forum

Peckham Pelican, London


21/04 - 12/05/2017

Watching a strange Theatre // Exhibition

Lucie Kordacova and Karolina Mikeskova // Deptford X Gallery & Old Tidemill Garden, London



Art Around the Cinema // Workshops

Deptford Cinema, London









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