sixtyseven collective is a curatorial platform that connects cultural practitioners, artists, writers and curators based in south-east London developing projects that explore alternative learning structures, strategies for collaboration and community engagement. sixtyseven are currently working on projects between the UK, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The collective grew from informal conversations around our shared interests and individual creative practices; through a weekly ‘Creative Community Forum’ to support one another to develop new projects and research through sharing our individual strengths, skills and knowledge.

Lucie Kordacova
Angelica Bollettinari
Samantha Lippett
Katrine Dybbroe Moller
Adriana Kytkova
Karolina Mikeskova
Hortense Maignien
Cherche Encore
Margherita Elliot
Benjamin Whateley
Jonathan Bromley
Art Placebo
Aleks Horsfield
George Jepson
Ferrara Residency
Deptford Cinema
Deptford Does Art
London Learning Cooperative
Louder Than Her Productions
Athene Greig
Gabriela Zigova
Peter Sulo
Henry Bradley
Joe Campbell
Sandi Hudson-Francis
Rat Against Midnites
Josefina Malmegård
Jack James
Ran Rat Records
Business Dudes
Deptford People Project
Au bout l'eau
Deptford X
Old Tidemill Garden
Sensory Futures
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