04/11/2017 18.00–24.00
Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Athene Greig & Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova, Lucie Kordacova and Aleks Horsfield

Ferrara Residency Screenings @ Deptford Cinema

This event is an extension in time and space of the Ferarra Residency, taking home the ideas of care and community explored there. The screening in the Deptford Cinema will show films made by participants of the Ferrara Residency.


Ferrara Residency is a one-month residency program for international artists which took place in the city of Ferrara, Italy, from the 2nd of September to the 4th of October 2017. This event, hosted by the Deptford Cinema, will be an occasion to reunite the residency group in London and to show a series of film works that have been developed by some of the participating artists. 


From 6.30 pm, we will screen films by Henry Bradley, Joe Campbell, Athene Greig & Sandi Hudson-Francis, George Jepson, Josefina Malmegård, Karolina Mikeskova and Lucie Kordacova. The program will consist of a mixture of recent works that were developed during the residency and previous works. 


Following this, there will be a performance in the upstairs flat, the second in a series of sixtyseven collective collaborations. Aleks Horsfield will be performing 'The Need to Care', an installation considering the possibilities of sound and light as sculptural forces. Aleks’ work is rooted in conversations surrounding the dislocation of memory and the navigation of different registers of time.


This performance follows the Cherche Encore performance of Less Scared in the same space in August 2017, and in Ferrara October 2017, parts of which will be screened throughout the evening.


We will ensure you are safe in the space and we will help you participate if you feel isolated. We will ensure talking space isn’t limited to privileged voices and we will prioritize this platform for those whose have intersecting oppressions. 0 tolerance for sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or ableism.

To know more about Ferrara Residency, visit our blog at https://ferrararesidency.tumblr.com/

George Jepson; Either Native, or Naturalized; 2017

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